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Even a misdemeanor sex offense usually means jail time and large fines. In felony sex offenses, the direct consequences are even worse. The collateral consequences are serious as well. Many times, the impact on the defendant’s family and career are almost incalculable. Fortunately, there are a number of defenses which may reduce or eliminate these consequences.

The diligent sex offender defense attorneys at Sercombe Law use proven methods to deal with these cases. So, the seriousness of these charges does not intimidate us. Instead, we get down to business. Most sex offenses are difficult to prove in court, and we will fight for you every step of the way.


Types of Cases Orlando Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Handle

Sex crimes is a broad umbrella term which encompasses different types of possession cases, assault cases, and other types of crimes. In all of them, prosecutors must present an essentially overwhelming amount of evidence that proves guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. Some of the different sex crimes cases we handle include:

  • Prostitution and Solicitation: These awful-sounding crimes basically involve any sexual favor in exchange for anything of value. There is obviously a significant possibility of misunderstanding here.
  • Harassing and Stalking: Curiously, these sex crimes often do not include any behavior that most people would consider a sex act. Such allegations often occur in the context of domestic violence prosecutions.
  • Lascivious and Lewd Acts: These assault-type sex crimes may be the most vulnerable to some of the defenses which are outlined below.


At Sercombe Law, we also deal with injunction violations, exposure cases, and all other types of sex crimes allegations.


Sex Offender Lawyers in Orlando, Florida and Some Possible Defenses

All sex crimes often involve procedural defenses, such as the lack of a search warrant or lack of probable cause to arrest. These defenses are especially applicable in pornography possession cases.

Entrapment may be an issue as well. In Florida, this defense normally applies if the defendant had no predisposition to commit the crime and the law enforcement officer induced the crime. Prostitution and solicitation prosecutions often involve entrapment defenses. The doctrine may also be available in some child pornography and other possession cases.

Furthermore, alleged victims are not always 100 percent reliable in these cases. Witnesses are often mistaken as to the defendant’s identity and other details, especially since these encounters often occur in low-light environments and the alleged victim is under an extreme amount of stress. Moreover, although it is rare, alleged victims sometimes fabricate sex crimes allegations, especially if there is an ongoing family law proceeding.

There are some partial defenses as well. For example, Orlando sex crimes defense attorneys often order confidential psychological profiles. If the profile concludes that the defendant is not a risk to society, prosecutors are often willing to reduce charges.

Sex crimes have severe direct and collateral consequences. For a free consultation with an experienced Orlando sex crime defense attorney, contact Sercombe Law today by calling 407-675-6959 or fill out the form below.


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