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In the ongoing war on drugs, the number of arrests is one of the only ways to measure victory. Furthermore, drug arrests and drug convictions are a good way for ambitious police officers and prosecuting attorneys to move up the ladder. This combination leads to lots of drug prosecutions, even for possession of paraphernalia and other rather minor offenses.

Against odds like these, the aggressive drug crime attorneys at Sercombe Law level the playing field. We routinely handle drug crime cases in Orange County and nearby jurisdictions. We always attack the prosecutor’s evidence, because in our experience, a stance like this is the best way to obtain results which exceed our clients’ expectations.


Drug Possession Offenses in Orlando

Serious drug possession charges do not just apply to cocaine, LSD, and other “street drugs.” In Florida, things like a small amount of marijuana, being too close to a drug stash, and an expired Oxycontin prescription can all lead to serious charges.

These cases often involve procedural defenses. For example, police officers may burst into a home without a warrant and with only a flimsy excuse for probable cause. In other situations, prosecutors can only establish one element of possession, which is proximity. The other two elements, knowledge and control, are more elusive.


Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney Strategies

Despite its incredibly negative connotations, drug trafficking simply means giving someone any controlled substance, including prescription painkillers, in exchange for any remuneration, such as the first round at happy hour.

Aggressive prosecutors look for any way possible to upgrade drug possession charges to drug trafficking charges. That includes circumstantial evidence like:

  • Cash
  • Firearms,
  • Baggies, and
  • Scales.

In court, prosecutors must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was a direct connection between the drugs and circumstantial evidence. Many times, money in the living room has little or nothing to do with drugs in the garage. In Florida, personal possession is almost an absolute defense to drug trafficking charges.

Finally, in both possession and trafficking cases, substantive defenses are available. The nature of the “drugs” is one illustration. Sometimes, the controlled substance has been blended with another substance, so it does not meet the weight requirements. Other substances, such as CBD Oil, which is a marijuana extract, may or may not be illegal under Florida law.

Prosecutors are extremely aggressive in all kinds of drug cases. For a free consultation with an expert Orlando drug crime lawyer, contact Sercombe Law. Convenient payment plans are available.


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