Orlando Disorderly Intoxication Defense Attorney

According to Florida Statute 856.011, the crime of Disorderly Intoxication is a broad catch-all crime utilized by police to arrest intoxicated and unruly persons.

Disorderly Intoxication is defined as, a person that is intoxicated and “endangers the safety of another person or property, and no person in the state shall be intoxicated or drink any alcoholic beverage in a public place or in or upon any public conveyance and cause a public disturbance.

Minor or annoying conduct while intoxicated will not support a Disorderly Intoxication conviction.

Elements of Affray

In order to obtain a conviction for Disorderly Intoxication, Orange County prosecutors must prove four factual elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • Caused a public disturbance;

  • That endangers another person or property;

  • While intoxicated; and

  • Did so while in a public place.


Disorderly Intoxication is a second degree misdemeanor. It may result in:

  • Up to sixty (60) days in jail;
  • Up to six (6) months of probation; and
  • Up to $500 in fines.

Possible Defenses

Disorderly Intoxication charges can be combated on several different levels. Two common defenses are included here:

  • The person was not so unruly that their conduct rose above a simple annoyance or minor nuisance.
  • If the person causing the disturbance did so at a private place they were invited to and is not endangering others.


We all have bad days, and if a good time turned into future prosecution for Disorderly Intoxicated you need to be sure you have a good lawyer on your side. Facing Disorderly Intoxication charges can be tricky without the proper representation. For a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Orlando, contact Sercombe Law. We routinely handle matters in Orange County and nearby jurisdictions.