Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal charge is an extremely stressful time, to say the least. Many times, especially with DUIs, there is much at stake. The collateral consequences, such as the sky-high insurance rates associated with a DUI conviction, are sometimes worse than the direct consequences, such as fines and probation.

At Sercombe Law, we put it all together for a complete defense. We know the law, and we know how to make it work for you. We also thoroughly investigate the facts, interviewing additional witnesses and conducting independent investigations as needed. We are also familiar with all the local rules in the Florida criminal courts. That includes the unwritten rules.

Criminal Offenses in Orlando, FL

Prosecutors and police are very aggressive in Orange County. The Orlando area has one of the highest arrest and prosecution rates in the state. So, at Sercombe Law, we handle a wide variety of offenses, including:

We also handle other misdemeanor and felony cases, including juvenile infractions and other offenses in adult court.

What to Expect in a Criminal Case

A successful criminal defense often begins before the case goes to court. A number of infractions, including DUIs and domestic violence cases, often have parallel proceedings in civil or administrative court. Moreover, pretrial release is often critical to a positive outcome. So, a bond reduction hearing might be necessary.

Next, we concentrate on your defense. Typically, we poke holes in the prosecutor’s evidence, making it impossible for these lawyers to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. We aggressively deal in things like motions to suppress evidence and motions to dismiss charges on technical grounds.

As mentioned, Orange County prosecutors must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s the highest burden of proof in Florida law. Many times, we successfully engineer a favorable plea bargain agreement, so there’s no need to go to trial at all. Typically, these plea agreements include lesser charges and/or a lower sentence.

Your criminal case is far too important to leave to chance. For a free consultation with an experienced criminal lawyer in Orlando, contact Sercombe Law.


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