Where do you practice?

I practice criminal and DUI defense in Central Florida and on the Treasure Coast. I have locations in Orlando, Winter Park, and Vero Beach Florida.

What types of criminal cases does your firm focus on?

DUI and Criminal Defense. We have the most experience with DUI Cases.

If I get more than one DUI, what happens?

If you have three DUIs, and two are within ten years of each other, then the case will be sent to felony with much more serious consequences. Also, four DUIs ever in a lifetime will result in the case being filed as a felony.

What type of science is involved in a DUI case?

DUI cases are probably the most technically challenging in criminal law. The numerous procedures, breathalyzer machine readings, blood and urine lab results, traffic accident reconstructions, as well as legal technicalities and practices make for a complicated area of law that many lawyers are not sufficiently educated in.

What breath level is required by the State of Florida to prove a DUI?

A breath level of DUI above .08 in the state of Florida will indicate impairment and result in a DUI charge, but this doesn’t mean you will be convicted of DUI.

Is it possible to seal and expunge a DUI?

No. If you are convicted of a DUI, it becomes a permanent part of your criminal record.

Should I refuse to give a breath sample in a DUI arrest?

Generally, no. If there is prior refusal, you will be charged with a separate criminal offense of refusing which carries up to a year in jail. Also, there are enhanced DUI penalties for refusing to blow. However, in some Florida counties like Orange County, it is possible to have breath results thrown out anyways.

Why is it important to hire a DUI lawyer within 10 Days of an arrest for a DUI?

This is known as The Ten-Day Rule. There is only a Ten-Day window to file for a Driver’s License Review for a License Suspension. The DHSMV will issue a temporary driving permit while the suspension is contested.

Why is it important to hire a defense lawyer with DUI experience?

A charge of Driving Under the Influence is one of the most scientifically technical areas of criminal law. Most crimes are based on having criminal intent to commit a crime. DUI, on the other hand, is about the State proving you are impaired and unable to drive.

If I plea to a DUI, will there be probation?

Yes. The Statute of the Court must impose probation with many conditions for a DUI conviction.

What are the steps of a typical criminal case?

Steps of a DUI Case:

a) Arrest

b) First Appearance

c) Arraignment

d) Pre-Trial Conference

e) Case Management Conference

f) Docket

g) Jury Selection

h) Jury Trial

i) Appeal